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Thurston Plumbing LLC
Residential bathroom

Create a relaxing space

Your bathroom is one of the most trafficked rooms in your home and sometimes overlooked. Your bathroom should be a space you actually like to be in.


And a good meal after a long day is so much better when prepared in a newly remodeled and modern kitchen. We can do both to your specifications and with your satisfaction in mind.

Our remodeling services include:

  • Plumbing

  • Moving existing plumbing fixtures and pipes

  • Shower installs

  • Bathtubs/sinks/disposals  

We want you to feel confident in what you're getting from us and that is why we offer FREE estimate on all of our work.

Commercial plumbing

Discuss your bathroom remodeling needs with our experts today.



Custom options available

We offer a huge range of remodeling options. Our company can do everything from re-piping to complete shower or sink installation. When you choose us as your bathroom or kitchen remodeling company, we will work with you to create the space of your dreams.

Transform your bathroom

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